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  • Low energy

  • Sleepless

  • Stressed or grumpy

  • Constipated

  • Bloated

  • Tired of eating poorly




  • Clean up your diet in the days leading up to the cleanse by omitting:

  • Caffeine / Refined Sugar / Wheat / Alcohol / Meat / Dairy


  • Drink your juices about every two hours

  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day

  • Try putting juice in a cup with a ice, lid & straw (it makes it seem totally different)

  • You can put the juice in a bender with ice

  • Definitely put the almond milk in a blender with ice to make it more like a milk shake

  • Drink Smooth Move Laxative Tea if needed

  • Keep exercise short, light and low-impact

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • If you need to chew something, eat thinly sliced raw veggies



  • We recommend breaking your fast the same way you eased into it. 

  • Start with: raw green veggies, fruits and more juice

  • Slowly add: cooked veggies, nuts & gluten-free grains

  • By day 3 add: fish and organic meat

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